Sunday, May 5, 2013

Botanic Gardens

Autumn in Dunedin is so lovely!  As you can see!

 If you are a parent or an excellent honorary auntie or uncle, then you know about the Botanic Gardens.  The playground is pretty good (but certainly lacks the glory of Mosgiel's destination playground), the duck food is FREE from the visitors' centre and the green house is the warmest place to hang out in Dunedin in the middle of winter!

It astounds me that some rich dude gifted the Pavilion to the City.  What an awesome legacy and Dunedin is so much richer for it. It I end up with a big whack of money (ha, ha, ha), I would totally just build a palace for people to chill and drink coffee on the week ends!

There's not much else to say really...except Crusty Corner is across the road!  BONUS!

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