Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hayward's Auction House, Carroll Street

I have new minor obsession.

Hayward's Auction is a weird new world for me but it is like wandering through a live action Trademe but way more satisfying. The staff and regulars are super welcoming and friendly about explaining how it all works and trying to shove standing lamps into the boots cars.

Auctions are on Wednesdays.  The show room is open for the week before the auction and if you can't be there, filling out an absentee bid is easy as pie.

People are selling weird and interesting art, furniture and knickknacks. I can't see why I'd ever buy furniture new again, especially because I know a decent upholsterer.

A gift for the whiskey drinker in your life!

Need a new fridge?

How much can I pay you to not have these in my house?

Cool but how does one hang a backwards painting?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Hayward's Auction is conveniently located across the way from Shop on Carroll and slightly uphill from Wolf at the Door and makes up what I like to call the Carroll Street Hat-Trick which is pretty much my perfect leisure morning at the moment.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wolf at the Door, Carroll Street

Favourite new coffee shop for one reason: free video games.

Do you need another reason?

The coffee is good. The barista is warm, friendly and very competent. The clientele is cool. The roaster is churning. The menu is titled "Food for your Face" which is the best heading ever.

The only drawback was a super disturbing painting (no pic) which unsettled my coffee drinking and I actively had to turn my face away from it because it was so captivating. So good job artist but also, no thanks. If the painting is still there next time (tomorrow), I'll just sit in the front room next to the video arcade which will probably be the case anyway...

Cool art

Comic wallpaper in the booths

Cream Cheese Cetnre

Groovy spoons

Wallpaper asking for a portrait to be taken in front of it (photo op)

Wolf at the Door- you've just been DIFL-ed. Sorry it took so long!

p.s. Who is the talented artist of the super disturbing painting? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Shop on Carroll, Carroll Street

Shop on Carroll is the loveliest op shop in the city! And it doesn't smell like an op shop.

 Run by stylish women who I suspect can afford to not work for a living wage, SoC is full of role models.  Kind, fashionable, community-mind bargain hunters who sew the carry bags and quiz each other on Shakespearean trivia. Basically the women I want to be when I grow up!

Clothing finds have been limited for me but I am a tall, tall amazon who does not fit little old ladies' gorgeous lambskin gloves, old timey hats or vintage dresses.

So what's SoC good for?? Pottery, silverware (that is silver!), new knitted hats, old knitting needles, yarn, wool, thread bobbins & thread, fabric, fur stoles (buy me one please!!), books, jewelry.

My new hat $8

Still bummed I don't own this. Portrait was taken in Ottawa which is where I was born.
Coincidence or serendipity?

This haul cost me $15

Impressive find last year!

Polishing Silver is so not my game but love does weird things to a person.

Wedgwood Teapot. $28.
The plate is from John McGlashan's school fete (can't make the accent appear) but that's another story.

Are you sold yet?? One of Dunedin's great hidden gems that all the locals know. Across the road from Hayward's Auction House and up the hill from Wolf at the Door. Basically my perfect morning at the moment.

Secondhand Shopping Bonuses: Recycles. Reuses. Less environmental impacts. Support local charity. Reduces sweatshop labour.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Dunedin Public Art Gallery

The Ridiculous Sublime show is ridiculously fantastic. I love random stuff.  WHY? Why not!!
Random whimsy is the greatest form of art in my opinion. Nothing but amusement. Apparently all the artists are local and there's some pretty cool jewelry. 

Kidspace is very kid-friendly and no one tells the adults to put down the art supplies.

The Obliteration Room makes me feel totally obliterated now. And drunk. And nauseous. And in awe. Amazing what a few weeks and a few thousand polka dot stickers can do. 

A Perfect metaphor for for the world: 
some people are independent rebels, others seek order, some lead or collaborate 
and some people are just assholes.

Good question.

I so love these postcards but I can't figure out how to rotate the pic.

As is true for every museum, the gallery shop is the best part!

Dear Lotto Winners in Dunedin

This ticket is not a winner
Dear Dunedin Lotto Winners,

I also bought a ticket at Pak'n'Save in South D! I did not win. But you did!

Yay you!

I do, however, have a few suggestions of how you could spend just one of your 13.whatever million dollars to whimsically better the city that we love and live in:

1.  More Street Art

Maybe a mural of your faces on the side of building on Stafford Street...Maybe not! I like trees and fantails. Can you please get some green trees and fantails commissioned on the side of a building somewhere? Thanks!

2. Love a School

Choose a school or two (or you know, all of them) and invest in winter uniform hats for all students. Dunedin is frosty at the moment and there are plenty of cold little ears that need a buffer.  A gift for all students at a school is a nice equalizer between the haves and the have notes. Not one will get singled out.

3. Plant Public Fruit Trees

Rumour has it that feijoa tress can grow this close to Antarctica. I'm yet to see this feat of wonder but wouldn't it be lovely if Dunedin has enough public feijoa trees that we could break the supermarket strangle hold on us.

$12.99 when the fall for FFFFRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of the trees in the north island is just criminal.

4. Finish that Track from Ravensbourne to Port.

Walkers and cyclists don't want to be on the same road as cars. Cars don't want pedestrians and bikes on the road. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!

Sort it out for us, will ya??

Bonus points: Maybe even extend it right around to Portobello.  Good ice cream in Portobello but my kids get car sick if we drive that far on the windy road.

5. Enjoy

Be happy. Enjoy your winning. More happy people will make Dunedin a happier place to love (and we're pretty high on life as is).

Thank you for reading and considering these option. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.



Dunedin is for Lovers

p.s. RE The ODT article: I'm super glad you're not pregnant- enjoy the millionaire adventure before you procreate. Because you can't buy sleep, dudes!