Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ross Creek

Reasons to love Ross Creek:

1. Trees!!! Trees, tree, trees. Green, green trees.

2. Easy option: park up on Bura Rosd and just walk the flat loop around the reservoir. 

3. Extra for experts: park up across from the rocket ship house on Cannington Road and walk the track into the reservoir. There's even a mini stairclimb for those of us obsessed with a Fitbit. (I am my own tamagotchi!)

4. Not many people. (So few there was no one to take a picture of). 

5. R.C. people are friendly people who smile and greet you, secret society style. I feel included and encouraged (which is important for a touchy-feely extrovert like me). 

6. Mini creek hop make this relatively simple track feel like real adventure nature to city slickers.

6. The barbed-wire has no depressing war history attached. I think it's genuinely there to keep the school boys from swimming in the reservoir water (doesn't work).

7. R.C. is just so gosh-darn pretty.

8. Did I mention the green trees?

9. There no boring historical plaques... Though I wouldn't mind know who this Ross guy was! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Midwinter Carnival: Lantern Making Workshop

Dunedin, like Stars Hollow, hides a lot of quirky, creative, community-minded characters. And in true life-is-sweeter- than-fiction style, the city rallies for projects and events like no other village I have inhabited. 

The Midwinter Carnival is Dunedin's solution to the longest, and often coldest, night of the year. The city dims the lights in the Octagon and a procession of hand crafted lanterns and wandering musicians loop the spectators, drinking mulled wine and hot chocolates.

Last year was my first foray and I was enchanted! So this year, I vowed to participate in the magic. 

Workshops are scheduled for the 3 week end before the Carnival. Registration is online and the cost in minimal. We paid $7 for materials and the volunteer staff were incredibly helpful for us DIY-challenged individuals.

We opted for the simple tulip workshop but other elements of the winter garden theme are up for creation this week end and next.

See you on the night!  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vogel Street

Dunedin is getting big for its britches; experiencing some honest-to-a-god gentrification! 

Vogel Street Kitchen (mmmmm- coffee and exposed brick) has pummelled its way into the warehouse district as a hip gastro-destination. The clever business minds behind VSK are certainly not hipsters. The space is too polished, too professional, too customer oriented and there's free wifi (very progressive for Dunners).

Plaid faux animal-head hunting trophies and the young, vibrant staff dressed in black are cool but not too quirky. The space and furniture- design and function oriented. The food- contemporary and consistent; the baked goods are under glass domes (a good improvement on the cold, hard cupcakes served from the refrigerated cabinet during the opening week). All up, all the kinks have been ironed out and the whole city knows. 

In its wake, VSK has offered a perfect platform for the city's ever expanding collection of street art. My favourite thing aside from being met by a roaring fire and a tasty flat white is the wander between VSK and Queen's Garden. 

Frankly, colour and art have absolutely revitalised an otherwise depressing example of expired architecture in an obsolete area.

Just a taste of the work! You'll have to go find your favourite pieces. 


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Second Beach

Second Beach. Glorious. Easy walking. Less than 2 kilometres from decent coffee. 

Gratitude washes over my soul when I am here. I just feel so darn lucky to have discovered this little corner of the world.

Directions for non or new Dunedinites: Park up at St Clair, meet people at the shark bell and turn right. Follow the promenade past the Salt Water Pool and up past the rectangle house. Keep going until you see this: 

Note: There is no actual beach access but what a view! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Street Art on Broadway

Aroha Novak and Guy Howard Smith's splash of colour has greatly improved my morning commute through our gothic city!  

Both partners in this collaboration are local artists. How lucky are we to have all this talent just lurking around? 

Dunedin is for Art Lovers!